Thursday, August 22, 2013

weekly catch up 9

Hello our blog followers today, it"s the 23.8.13. Our blogger loggers today are Ambyr and Tane!

                                                     GOAL SHEETS

At the start of term 3 we have been making some colourful goal sheets. We had to choose a sport that involved a ball. For example fabulous Yuki choose football. After that you had to choose your goal and decide your background . In the ball or the goal you put your goal.

In week 3 we had made 3D hands. We traced our hands and drew lines across the traced hand at least 1cm apart. Next we coloured the lines.  In dramatic colours like purple blue and red!      

We got a piece of a4 paper. Then we got black paint and made patterns, we made sure that it was wide. We used primary colours and black.Everyone did really well.

                                  FINISH THE PICTURE                                                                                                               
Last week we finished off dog heads and car front.We discovered that we had a lot more fantastic artists in the class than we thought.The top three cars were Teariki,Michael and Tane. The top three dogs were Luseta, Samantha and Thomas.

                      OUR CITY RE-DISCOVEREd
2 weeks ago the senior block went to the CBD and we had loads of fun .We did heaps of art in our topic book and they all put into a lot of work.It was a big walk but everyone was great except for some people no name mentioned.We all had favourites and that was the good thing.

                         WINTER HAIKU'S

Last week we started on our winter haiku's and some are being finished off .The best two were Yuki's and Luseta's .The first one is Yuki.
Weather is snow
Hot chocolate and hot milo
Time to play soccer

And Luseta's
Hot soup,cold mornings
Frosty, icy ,muddy fields
Goose bumps ,shivers, BURRR!!!


Last week we did a math test to raise money for math equipment ,for  math for the school. Ambyr raised the most out of the class with $160.Everyone got at least one sponsor which was great.


We have started a new story called 2much4u by Vince Ford and its about a boy who is like his father who past away and that explains everything because he's forgetful and careless.


WE STARTED NEW MATH NOW with old but useful things called protractors and compasses but not north east south west kind of  things the ones that the perfect far we've done protractors and discovered they're quite easy.

Thats all for now make sure you're back next week with the next mystery writers. bye from Tane Ambyr and  help from Ashleigh while Ambyr was at choir .
                                bye bye bye see ya later