Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hello and welcome to room 24's incredible blog! This year we will aim to post spontaneous and hilarious recounts of our week!
This week we started a new chapter book called Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz. It is the first book from the Alex Rider series and it is an action adventure full of suspense and mystery!!
For writing this week we have been focusing on early memories and early school memories! They are mostly about potty training, injuries, not wanting to go to school and crying for mum at school! So they are hilarious to read! In maths we have been working on averages, medians, mode and range. We work from statistics sheets and most of us are up to mode and range.

Today we start summer Hagley sport. The sports are: Softball (coached by Mr Williams and Lee, Michaels nan),  Kiwitag (coached by Mrs Ford)  and all girls Cricket (coached by Mr Mckenzie and Miss Archabold ). On Wednesday a golf teacher named Mrs Jones came to St Albans school to give some lucky classes a lesson, including us! We all enjoyed watching the boys who think they are supreme at golf fail! Naturally, the girls were better!

This week we have been working on our look at me charts and acrostic poems. They look really colourful and are interesting to read! The next time you come in make sure you have a look!
On Monday we are having elections for school council so make sure you prepare a speech for Monday!
One year 6 and one year 5 will be chosen for the job! Today we start arts interchange!!! The activities are: percussion, dance,drama and maori performing arts. These activities will happen on Fridays at 11.30!

This year we have many cultures in our class like: chinese, japenese, maori and our great italian...Thomasio Forseone A.K.A Thomas Forsey. Thats right this year Thomas will eat tomatoes, swim in olive oil and chuck pasta everywhere!