Thursday, July 11, 2013

week 10 catch up

Hi, it's been a long time since we have had our last blog update. A lot of fun and exciting things has happened for these last few weeks! Oh! We are Willow and Jake, your official bloggaloggas for this edition

SNOW! or was it??
There was a tiny bit of snow, that we were sure that it was going to get up to our noses.
So a lot of students didn't go to school, but it didn't evan get up to our ankles! Only 9 people 
from room 24 came to our came to our school and 2 had to leave that makes 7 in total.

Visit to Wigram 
About two weeks ago we went to the Wigram Airforce museum. We had a scavenger hunt, here are some objects we had to find: A yellow plane, a bent propeller,an blue tractor and a Teddy bear. We also
went upstairs to see the body parts of a airplane, and we also got some mini airplanes.

Luseta's birthday [YUM!]

On the 27th of June Luseta's birthday happened, since she is Tongan it was a Tongan tradition that 
every boy and girl got a piece of cake and a little tub of either strawberry or vanilla ice-cream, the
boys got vanilla ice-cream and the girls got strawberry ice-cream.I SCREAM YOU SCREAM WE ALL SCREAM FOR LUSTETA'S ICE-CREAM! + try and say that five times.
Owls [hoo hoo]
When Mr Williams was doing our reports, our teacher for the day was Miss Norton so for the afternoon we did some art and created some owls for our topic of flight. We all think they look ab fab! Here is how we did it, we did a draft copy first, then when Miss Norton thought we had done our best she told us to do the owl again but on the A4 piece of paper, when we had done our drawing on our paper we coloured in the owls with pastle. 

On Monday, the 8th of June room 24 got our reports, we thought it was the end of the world! But things turned out alright, lots of people got rewarded with FOOD AND MONEY! Mr Williams thought he should get a percentage but we gave him nothing!

OH, NO Interviews!
A lot of people had interviews this week, we have found out that in room 24 Mums are more popular
than the very rare creature a Dad, but a few Dads did come. We hope that you had a good interview!

For the topic of flight a lot of the seniors had to do a poster, a question, or an electronic etc. Room 24 had mostly had done posters, and a few did an electronics. Most of these have been FABULOUS! But some of us had to try again because they hadn't prepared it.

The winning house groups!
Coming in 3rd place Kahurangi, in 2nd Kowhai and in 1st equal Kakariki and Whero! Well done all teams don't put your head down if you didn't come 1st, because there is always next term.

Sport Tournaments!
Since neither of us bloggaloggers went to the winter sports tournaments all we know is, the Rugby team got into the Canterburys, and the other teams weren't so lucky.

Big Sleep In!
Yesterday ,in our Big Sleep In, which was our big day in.  We watched a movie and we could bring a pillow, our PJS etc.
The movie was The Smurfs." Hey, Jake aren't we so lucky that we got popcorn and a crunchy bar!" said Willow
"Yeah, we're lucky!" replied Jake.

OH, NO ITS THE END OF SCHOOL!! As we all sob bitterly.
"Jake, what will we do?, sobbed Willow." I don't know",  Jake replied sadly, "We shall both miss school enormously!"

 This is Willow and Jake reporting room 24 news, bye!