Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Athletics day 2013!

Hello everyone,
Yesterday we had the senior team athletics day. The class had some very great results like: Heathcliff got his first 3 in long jump, 11 girls achieved a 3 in shot put including, Gyda who got second place and Luseta who got 1st place! Proving that rm 24 is filled with muscly girls! Yuki had his first sports day at St Albans and achieved a 3 in 3 events! Also Kai, Teariki, Samantha, Brydie, Lydia, Xavier and Tane all received a 3 in every event! Here are some photos of the event.


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Thursday, October 24, 2013

the weekly catch up 13

Hi, it's Jake and Anastasia and we are your bloggaloggas. Today we will type to you about well balanced children, speech reminders and food for thought etc.

   First up is speeches.Remember on Tuesday 29th the Prepared Speeches competition for each class will begin. So get out that pencil, grab some paper and start writing. Our class has been practising our speeches, some are finished and some need more work and practising done, so start to practise.

 Next up well balanced children. Mr Williams thought we could not balance a book on our head and walk across the classroom but most of us proved him wrong. This was to meant to make us think about our posture and our spines! There will be photos at the bottom.

And now the Super market trip. Yesterday we went to the Super market and we looked at the contents of food per 100g. We looked at snacks, drinks, breads, milk and dairy, breakfast cereals and had to find an everyday example(healthy) and an occasional food(unhealthy). It's very interesting  to look at the contents of food.The drink lemon lime and bitters has more sugar than coke!?!?!?!? Coco Pops are full of sugar! We also got a free lunch box and also an apple snack for our hard work!

On Thursday the 24th {yesterday}Tanē Norton returned to room 24! All of us were happy to see him {sort of}:-}! Tanē has been away in Japan for a few weeks.

On Wednesday the 23rd we moved our beautiful murals to the hall walls. If you want to go and check them out go to the hall!

On Tuesday the 22nd we began myths, legend and fairytales. We have a new story book about legends. It is called...  Just So Stories. The stories include...  How the camel got it's hump, How the rhinoceros got his skin and How the whale got his throat etc.We are also writing our own legends
explaining how an animal got it's own unique features.

In maths our three groups are called the Elderly, because they use an old textbook, Smurfs-blue textbook and Orange, orange text book. We say orange  in a funny way.

This is Jake and Anastasia typing out!!!!!!!! Have a great Labour weekend.


Thursday, October 17, 2013

the weekly catch up 12

Welcome back to terrific term 4! The blogger loggers for this week are Emma and Emily. This   Monday we arranged our desks to look like Parliament, with the front benches and backbenches.Mr Williams says he's the Prime Minister! Most of us think it's lots of fun for a change.

Yesterday we went to the hall to see the Kids can cook seminar, with the amazing Emily as the sous chef. The chef demonstrated how to hold your fingers in the crab position when you are cutting something with a sharp knife, he also talked to us about gluten [the sticky stuff that holds your food together] and gelatin [ the stuff in your milkshakes that comes of cows back skin and their feet].  A big thanks to Mrs Bateman  and Mr Williams for letting her be the sous chef she loved it.

The big day is coming up and by that I mean Athletics and by the big day I mean the 30th! Room 24 has been practicing hard out every Tuesday and Friday. We can't wait until the big day!

We have finished our new book Somuch2do we all loved the book, but the next book might be from a different author. We are so excited to read the next book!

 We have started two new maths topics fractions and decimals. We are in groups the floorers the smurfs and the elders. To determine who is in what group we did a test a very hard test. Mr Williams thought that most of us would get in the high 20s low 30s mark [by the way there were 57 questions in the test] but most of us got in the high 40s and even low 50s! The highest mark in the test was made by Teariki and Byrdie with both of them getting 56 out 57!

Now on to my favorite thing food for thought [our topic for this term] It is all about healthy eating and environmental health. Next Monday a lady from the supermarket is coming round to St Albans and talking  to us about healthy eating and our trip to the New World supermarket and a lot more. 

Continuing with the food for thought  theme, every school day Mr Williams makes us get out our lunchbox before morning tea and write down how many processed foods and  natural foods we have, as well as packaged and for next week, a sandwich survey!

Now completely changing the subject to summer sport trials! We have already had all the trials for touch, softball and cricket and the teams will be announced next week!

Thanks for reading the weekly catch up 12! And now for some photos.


       Photo editing by Samantha Goddard.