Tuesday, June 11, 2013

the weekly catch up 7

Kia ora and hello, today our bloggaloggas are Thomas and Ashleigh!

In week 4 the year 6's of room 24 started Cycle Safe,we learnt a lot from the teachers and most of us passed but some of us need supervision from an adult.Room 24 year 6's are now  super duper bikers.

Wet day monitors is great, we get to play with little cuties, a.k.a little screaming people.We have been coming up with some great ways to stop them from arguing and being quiet, and so so far this job has been quite easy.Some of our ways to stop them from being pesky are saying, "Hey look out the window" or "Hey there's someone else to go and play with".So as you can see we are very smart indeed.

In week five two people from Science Alive came to visit the seniors to teach them about different forces. It was great, we made cars that were made out of  plastic connecting rods. We made very interesting cars that moved using the force of wind.We also made air hockey type of discs. We used blue tack an old disc a sports bottle lid and a balloon.They were very successful.

We've been making our mark three darts with heavier paper.We found out that heavier paper flies better.But this this time we threw the planes a longer distance and some of them actually did make the whole distance.Teariki, Kai and Luseta's planes were probably the most successful and right now were making our mark four darts.

Mr Williams is doing reports but luckily he is open to bribing but we're trying to do well in some of  the tests. He said he's open to bribery of chocolate e'clairs . We are doing lots of tests to see if we have actually learnt anything!! In Probes tests we have all really improved, Mr Williams is very pleased.

SLURP SLURP SLURP SLURP SLURP!!!!! Today we started the Fonterra milk for schools process. It's been easy so far but I must say the folds are difficult because you have to flatten the carton right down. Everyone had milk, so we will all have healthy bones !!!!

Hockey,Soccer,Rugby,Netball are the winter sports for this term. But not everyone  makes the team.
Each Friday the sport people get on the bus and leave to Hagley park.But the rest still have fun.At Friday sport where we practice the different sports and hope we get into a team next term.

We have recently started reading a new book called" Public Enemy Number Two" written by Anthony Horowitz.We've all been enjoying it a lot. It's an interesting narrative about  a boy who gets framed and is stuck in prison on purpose. This is a funny book and also quite serious at the same time.Will Nick get out of jail?

Now we all know that math is sometimes boring but it helps you when you grow up.
For maths we have started multiplication and division its going to be a challenging time because some of us need to learn them.So I recommend that the adults help the children learn the multiplication and division.We've got lots of very brainy people in our class and hopefully at the end of the year or term
all of us can be very very brainy.So get cracking with those tables and have fun.

That's our weekly catch up, make sure you come back to see our next catch up with some other people.
We're out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)

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