Thursday, September 19, 2013

the weekly catch up 10

Hi, the bloggalogga's this week are Julius and Xavier, charming, and, not so charming. I mean, um... equal. Now, first of all, you know the phrase, "Yeah, and pigs can fly and John Key is a nice man.... Something along those lines. Anyway, for the first time, one pig did. Unfortunately Mr Williams didn't grow any hair.

Basically, what happened was: We were playing a game of "Kings and Queens" and Mr Williams put Emma's "Piglet" for Book Week on the bullet inside the gun and shot it. The weight of the pig made the bullet only fly three centimeters but we still cheered. On to something else.

As some of you might know, a girl in our class called Luseta comes from Tonga. So she brought along this type of art/dress that her grandmother made for her. It is called a tapa cloth. She wears it when she goes to funerals, birthdays and celebrations. We found this so interesting that we decided to do tapa cloth designs for our calendar art. It was very successful.

We have also started Athletics this term. Our first  two sports were High Jump and Sprint's. In Sprints we have been doing heats so that the people who struggle with running don't give up if they lose. There's heat 5, {super speedys}, heat 4, 3, 2, and 1. On to High Jump. Luseta was pretty nervous, but later on she found out that she excelled at it. Other things that we do for Athletics are Long Jump, Discus, Shotput, and Relays.

Recently, we have been painting murals. We were inspired to do this when we went to the CBD{central business district}, for a school trip. We decided to base our murals on the things we saw. Some of the paintings were of the Cardboard Cathedral, the Antigua Boatsheds and the River. They are so realistic!

For maths we have been using protractors and compasses. We were careful to not prick ourselves! We used the protractors for right angles. Some people struggled at this but quickly caught on. We used the compasses to draw circles.

We have just finished the current book we were reading, 2MUCH4U. We are now starting the sequel, SOMUCH2DO. It has the same cast of characters and unfortunately the same Holden! Davin got a dog called Wag for his birthday. Wag is a sheep dog and is black with white spots if you didn't know.

Today we had the heats for the talent quest. Everybody was wonderful! Willow, Ambyr and Lydia sang 1000 years and Julius sang his own made-up song called Moving on. Gyda sang and Brydie danced and we all thought they were wonderful. Unfortunately not everyone will make it to the final. Now like Julius' song said, moving on to the next subject .

Recently the class has been doing Haikus, about winter. These were about people in our class, and Mr Mckenzie and Mrs Warren. All of them were amazing! Sadly our trip to Malvern Park was cancelled because the grounds were double booked so we didn't get to do sports.

This week we saw a wonderful group of musicians called: STRIKE PERCUSSION, who played different pieces of music including drums. They used the marimba, and the drums. They made the drums sound like wind by quickly tapping the drums. And, they actually used fire{!} by spraying a liquid quickly to make the fire flicker. We all thought they were an amazing {and loud} group of percussionists.

Now that we have got a new camera we can show you some pictures of all the interesting events that have been taking place.


Goodbye for now, and don't forget to read the next blog update!

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