Thursday, September 4, 2014

 Hi I'm Quillan and I'm Archie and we are your blogga logas for this week.
Now for what's happened for the last 2 weeks.                                                                                                                                                                                        Last Friday,sports teams had their last game, good results for some teams, bad for other teams.The teams that competed follow  . Soccer A, Soccer B, Netball A, Netball B, Hockey A, Hockey B, Rugby, they all played their last game on Friday.                                                                                                 On Monday Quillan Dextar, Jake Dickey and Joshua Kitchingham did kapahaka at the cultural festival. We had practiced all Friday morning and all Monday.Now it was time to go home for 2 hours.When we came back to school at 5 'O' Clock we came inside to get in our Kapahaka uniform, the boys had to wear skirts (well that's what it looked like to me)and ear rings and the girls wore dress's, 2 ear rings feathers and belts. I had a late but great night.We watched" Bridge to Terebithia" for A.V.A.I.L.L.L. and we have just finished it . Hi I'm Kevin and I'm the new pupil.I arrived here last Friday from Blenheim it rhymes with lemon are so so sour, let's get to the point. Kevin's  already made 2 friends and he's already been  on a trip Ice skating. Talking about Ice skating that's next.
ICE SKATING!                                      ICE SKATING!                                            ICE SKATING!       On Thursday we went to Alpine Ice,  when we got there it took ages to get our ice skates on and skate because there were two other schools there too. During the 2 hours we played 2 games one was spin the bottle and the other one was a dance party that was fun .One helper gave out free b's so you collected  a small coke.  The parents who helped are Marina's daddy, Archie's mummy, Will's mummy Eden's mummy and Max's mummy. Casey,   Elena and Harry all skated really well and showed lots of skills. Quillan fell over the most.  What a hero!!           

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