Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Weekly catch up 2

Hello to everyone! Today our bloggaloggas are Brydie and Sam. Sorry the blog entry is late. On Monday last week Mr Williams received a new wombat. We think he is enjoying his new home and friends.
Last Wednesday we did a PAT listening test. The year 6s went up stairs to Mrs Bateman and the year 5s from her class came to Mr Williams to do the test.dun dun dun. Most of us completed the test well.
Busy days our Wednesdays, as well as having the test we became young golfing super stars just like Lydia Ko! ; ) We worked on perfecting the drive and learning the chip (no food involved sorry!) Yuki was the star of the golf session as he got the ball in the hoop twice while doing the chip.

 On Thursday we started our reading programme which meant choosing group names. We came up with the following: Dopey Creatures, Kiwiana, Team Minecraft, Tiny Tiddlers and Magic Koalas.

On Thursday we had our first whole school assembly. At the assembly they announced the student leaders.The student leaders from our class are: Brydie (deputy head girl), Sam and Lydia (school council) and Luseta & Michael (house captains of blue and red)!

On Monday we had swimming sports at Jellie Park! Our class members did very well but our relay team came 3rd.It was really fun and the people who stayed at school did art with Mrs Glasson.
The people who went to swimming sports had some great successes.

We are happy to say that the book reviews and prepared talks have been going fantastically so far! Sorry we haven't been able to get the videos of the P.Ts and B.Rs up on the blog, there have been some technical difficulties.

Thank you for reading! Make sure to check back next week for...the weekly catch up 3!!!! ( :

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