Tuesday, March 19, 2013

the weekly post 3

Kia ora everybody, today the blog writters are Sam and Jack!
This week we have been very fortunate to have 2 lovely dogs come in and they are...
Poppy (Anastasia's miniature German schnauzer) and Memphis (Willow's border collie)! They are both very cute!!
For art this week we have been working on our portraits. Most have been finished and they are amazing! Come in and have a look!
Today is the wonderful wise and witty Mr Williams birthday! He thinks he is over 1,000,000 years old and there is no number for is age but we believe that he is 63! Mr Williams recieved a nerf gun from Jake (for kings and queens or any other emergency attack children times).
 The class also wrote many messages on the whiteboard for Mr W. Happy birthday Mr Williams.
Our dazzling photos are now up on our wall and they look fabulous.
This week we have been writing scary stories and brave stories. They are going very well sofar.
We are continuing to enjoy Stormbreaker so much that about 5 children have found copies in libraries and follow along when Mr Williams reads. Also many of us saw the Stormbreaker movie on Friday night.
On Tuesday Julius presented a book review on his book that he wrote himself called "The Mystery of the Holts."It is very impressive and has 9 chapters! He has been working on his book for a long time.
The book reveiws and prepared talks have been going very well. We had a very good B.R from Lydia  on The Witches which went for over 5 minutes and Thomas did a very good P.T on the history of Lego which went for over 4 minutes, they were both very informative. The Maths groups are also zooming along, and Amanda is proving to be the resident maths genius!!

Make sure you check back next week for the weekly post 4!

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