Thursday, April 4, 2013

the weekly catch up 4

Kia ora everybody and welcome to our blog!! Today our bloggaloggas are... Jade and Sam.
Last Thursday we started a competition that would change our lives for ever!!! (not really). It was the egg-sitting challenge. Basically we have to take care of an egg for as long as we can and if it smashes we are elimanated from the competition. It is part of the Keeping ourselves Safe programme. We have made many very cool houses for our eggs that will keep them safe from harm.

Also last Thursday St Albans school had an Easter Egg Hunt!! Every student was paired up with their buddies.Our buddies were Rm 5. Rm 24 had to hold the little 5 year olds hands!After we found all the colours and coloured the eggs in, on our sheets, Rm 24 and their buddies chocolate eggs were hiding in their little baskets in Rm 4.Mr Williams and Mrs Craig hid the baskets, so the children had do a Easter egg hunt to find their yummy chocolate. Many people were tired when the day finished.

Fabulous Rm 24 did some fabulous portraits.The portraits are hanging up in our Fabulous Classroom.Mr Williams asked Rm 24 who's portrait looked more like them self, and the winners were...Julius and Anastasia.Now the portraits can stare at naughty kids to freak them out!Mr Williams thinks Amandas portrait is doing the job.  :) :)

St Albans School are engouraging people to walk the loop.A childs reward for walking the loop is house points. The school councilers are out there once a week to reward children. We will be out there again on thursday. So... walk walk walk walk the loop and follow the footprints!!!

Nervously Rm 24 has been doing P.T and B.R. P.T stands for Prepared Talk and B.R stands for Book Review. Bravely Rm 24 have coping. Everyone has had a turn and have done very well, because it is quite nerve wracking getting up in front of everyone.
We'll put some photos on next week, we are off to be dramatic and creative at interchange now. Bye!!    

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