Thursday, April 18, 2013

the weekly catch up 5

Hi everyone this week our bloggaloggas are Anastasia and Sam.
Over the last couple of weeks we have been training for the Cross Country AKA angry (cross) nation (country). We have 3 groups for training they are the Sloths, the Giraffes and the Cheetahs. We are given an amount of laps to do. When we are finished we yell done and Mr Williams gives us our time and our goal is to beat the time before. Mr Williams also encourages us to choose another person in our group and aim to beat them!! Everyone is improving. YAY!!
On Monday the senior team went to Hagley golf course to practice their golf skills on a real course. Everybody had a lot of fun at the golf course. Many of us were brilliant at golf and are destined to be golfing stars.
Last week we started on our egg diaries. They have mostly been written in first person. They are very funny and we are enjoying writing them. Here are some opening sentences of our egg diaries!

Anastasia's opening sentence: Hi, i'm Shelly and I'm going to talk to you about my spectacular adventures with my mum.

Thomas's opening sentence: "yaaay" I just got my new diary. But "boo" my best friend just died, he was killed in action. But we have have to over come our weaknesses.

Sam's opening sentence: Hi Nacho - Libre here. I'm going to talk to you about my ab fab, exciting , fun and sometimes sad life! Well it all started at birth ( of course) !!

On Monday the first sports trial was held and it was Netball. All of the other sports are going to have their trials next term.
On Tuesday we went to the Blue Skies outdoor activity centre we had lots of fun doing the initative, orienteering and confidence courses.

Yesterday was a mufti day so we could raise money for the returned and services association. We also had a A.N.Z.A.C cerimony in the hall. Mr W told us all the details about A.N.Z.A.C  day.

Today is the last day of term wich means 2 weeks off school! ( yay). But sadly Miss Dunbar left the school at lunch to head to Aussie ( mate mate mate).

Make sure you check back next term for the weekly catch up 6!

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